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Orb Urn black large 01

Natural black marble cremation urn, orb shaped with a capacity to suit a pre-cremation weight of up to 29 kg (66 lb)
$ 353.85 AUD
SKU: ORB3001
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Handcrafted natural marble cremation urn. This urn has been handcrafted from black and grey banded marble, it has a few crystal flecks in the surface of the urn reflecting light back when viewed from different angles. Because it has been made from marble it is eternal and truly unique. The above photos are of this actual urn and being hand made from natural marble no two urns are exactly then same. This urn has a holding capacity of 1100 ml (66 cu. inch) which suits a pre-cremation weight of up to 29 kg (66 lb) or 660 grams of ashes. Its dry weight is 2.4 kg with a diameter of 160mm. Because of the beauty and eternal durability of marble this urn is suited for both indoors or can be placed outdoors in your garden to be admired for generations to come.To seal the surface of our urns they have been lacquered making cleaning the urn as simple as wiping over with a soft dry cloth.
Designed to be placed in your home or garden without being immediately recognised as a cremation urn.
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